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Our subscribers are at the centre of everything we do. We always listen to the many care staff, friends and family that we work with to develop and improve our truly ground-breaking activities. Here’s the feedback they’ve given us…

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We’ve been using the Happiness Programme for well over six months now. It’s worked really well with our residents that live with learning disabilities. I use the programme with residents who maybe can’t interact or take part in regular activities or group sessions.” We also often use it as a distraction technique with certain residents who can become agitated or upset. It’s been really useful for de-escalating those situations.
Kelly Wellmann
Lifestyle Coordinator, Care UK
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We know that active stimulation in hospital is important for maintaining cognitive function, orientation and preventing deconditioning - so the portability of the interactive projector has been fantastic because we can bring it to patient’s bedside, whether in bays or side rooms. The projected games are instantly engaging and can be highly personalised.
Louise Page
Dementia Practitioner Team, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
The projector is proving very popular and we’re getting people returning week after week. And this is driving referrals. In the 9 months we’ve been subscribed to the Happiness Programme, we’ve never had any negative feedback. As a result, the library has grown and we're proud to have it in the library. We’d highly recommend it.
Liam Dunne
Assistant Librarian, Newcastle West library
We are delighted by the initial response of the residents at The Spires Care Home when using the Happiness Programme. Designed to create moments of happiness for the residents, it is heart-warming to provide positive and invaluable experiences, with residents more motivated to interact with staff, family and carers alike.
Dr Pete Calveley
CEO of Barchester Healthcare
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The Happiness Programme has been quite revolutionary. It has enabled awe and wonder moments for some of the people we support, that we have not observed before. It’s provided inspired sensory experiences and offered different things for different people.
Caroline O’Brien
Deputy Manager, Fitzroy
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It has allowed us to have more person-centred activity, which is really important. It’s great having activities, but if they don’t reach the individuals, then you’ve not achieved what you set out to do.” You’ve got residents who would possibly become list within an activities programme, and what this has enabled us to do, is create a connection.
Adam Tallis
Manager at The Kensington, Bupa
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I believe the Happiness Programme has helped lots of people anxiety and mood and overall mental health and wellbeing. We also often use it as a distraction technique with certain residents who can become agitated or upset. It’s been really useful for de-escalating those situations.
Helen Flower
Wellbeing & Inclusion Worker, Roman Ridge Retirement Scheme
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This has been very well received in our home by both residents and staff alike, with everyone really benefiting from it. For example, we have one lady who it really helps, reducing her anxiety and getting her up and out of bed. We're looking forward to the upcoming new features and games.
Amy Simpson
Wellbeing Lead, New Care
Since we subscribed to the Happiness Programme and the interactive projector arrived, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in many aspects of F’s daily life and well-being. In terms of weight and nutrition, F is more alert and focused. He’s less sleepy and much more engaged, now spending more time within the communal areas and less time in his room asking to sleep
Sara Heath
Dementia Care Manager at Maycroft Manor
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We have a service user who is non-verbal and never interacts with people. He engaged so much with the interactive projector. It was lovely to watch. It's brilliant and truly warrants all the hard work we did trying to get it.
Jo Ludlow
Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council
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The Happiness Programme has brought interest and wonder to the day centre service users. The imaginative, easy to use games have increased not only happiness, but friendly competitiveness!
Natalie McCann
Day Centre Coordinator at Thie Meanagh Day Centre
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We now want to get the interactive projector out in as many homes and during as many sessions as possible. Even when Braid House fully reopens, we’ll continue taking it into people’s homes, especially for those too unwell or unable to attend the day centre.
Alyson McKenzie
Operational Manager at Braid House
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It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. It’s made a huge difference during lockdown, with no visitors or other entertainment. We’re running multiple sessions a day and everyone loves the Piggy Bank game and Elvis radio! It’s had a real impact on us.
Karen Ashton
Deputy Manager at Holme Lea, HC-One
The interactive projector is a really good thing and it has benefitted our residents massively – they are moving and using their arms a lot more.” The ladies nursed in beds are also benefiting from it – we know them and we can see their faces lighting up when they are playing the games.
Annette Ramsden
Deputy Manager at Clement Court
The fact it’s portable and we can take it in to people’s individual rooms is amazing. For those with late-stage dementia, even if they can’t physically interact, they still benefit hugely. Just by looking at it, they are engaging.
Kate Day
Manager at Langdale House
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The stories of difference from our frontline workers delivering the sessions has reduced the group to tears, with the Happiness Programme giving us the capability to connect and engage with people who were previously out of reach. It’s had a real impact on us.
Paul Higginbottom
Strategic Commissioning Manager, Sheffield City Council
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The residents absolutely love it - we use it as part of our Spa days - the Welsh and Irish content was particularly great for person centred care as our Welsh and Irish residents felt so included. Using it for end of life care has been so powerful. It's really brought the home together. We're looking forward to the upcoming new features and games.
Bridgette Peck
Activities Coordinator, New Care
We've had so much fun using it. It's really effective at deflecting negative moods or lifting people out of anxiety. As someone who's not good with technology, Social-Ability have been great - all the training, ideas via email, and support has been wonderful.
Kay Thompson
Activities Lead, Barchester
'K' can get quite frustrated - the interactive projector is a good distraction technique for him. He’s fully focused on the table when using it. He likes spot the ball. He was on Lerazapam but they have now stopped it. You can use distraction techniques to calm him and this is one of them.
Ginny, Louse and Aimee
Activities Team, Southlands Place, Caring Homes
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We mainly support residents who are living with cognitive and physical challenges. We've noticed that it has greatly and positively impacted the mental, physical and psychological wellbeing of our residents. They have become more sociable, more independent and have begun to enjoy life a little more.
Pooja Gosavi
Activity & Volunteer Manager, Octavia Group
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"We had a physiotherapist who was struggling with activities for a stroke patient. They started using the interactive projector and eventually managed to get this stroke patient stood up, with his arms steady, reaching out for bubbles. That was more stimulating for him than anything else this physiotherapist could offer."
Elizabeth Anderson
Colwyn Bay Community Hospital, Wales
It's definitely helped as a therapeutic intervention, reducing stress and tension. The staff, and even the residents themselves, have often commented about how calm everyone feels. It helps to create a positive, relaxed atmosphere.
Well-Being Lead, Eastham Care, Runwood Homes
We had an elderly resident living with Parkinson's disease and on end of life care. She found it difficult to get comfortable in her bed and family visits were difficult. We started using the interactive projector - especially the breathing techniques and sunset videos - her and her daughter would lie on the bed and watch the projections on the ceiling together. It made a huge difference.
Lynne Vallender
Dementia Care Manager, Moorlands Lodge, Signature
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Our residents love the versatility of the nature games like fishing, the music therapy such as piano and radio and the more active games such as popping the balloons. We've really seen some great physical, cognitive and social engagement. One particular resident who often walks with a purpose has actually reduced her risk of falling by focusing on the interactive projector for hours at a time. It's a must-have!
Chloe Richards
Well-being Lead at Godden Lodge, HC-One
Since the introduction of our magic table we have seen a positive effect on the well-being of our residents with reduced anxiety, apathy and restlessness. Engagement levels are high and this has helped to further strengthen relationships with staff and residents. We have also seen an increased interaction between residents during this time, particularly from those with a diagnosis of dementia who are now benefiting from the physical and social stimulation the Happiness Programme brings.
Leanne Duffety
Order of St John’s Care Trust
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It's so good around dexterity and re-enablement and to stop de-conditioning. It gets our patients up and out and being social. People don't understand the costs we are paying for bed length stays and if this reduces it, which I think it does, then it's a huge, huge cost saving.
Alice Chalmers
Matron, Kettering Hospital
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We have been very happy with the programme so far! it is very easy to use. The children can easily navigate their way around it. It's a positive sensory experience for students and is great for social experiences, as pupils share activities with peers.
Nikki Christie
TA/Pastoral Lead, Penn's Primary School
We have a couple of services that have service users that are Muslim, so the fact that they could use the Hindi radio was brilliant. We also used it a lot for Ramadan with the Eid games- we think it’s wonderful!
Laura Vickers
Day Services, Kirklees Council

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