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Inspiring Sensory Activities for Learning Disabilities

Catering to different physical and sensory profiles

When it comes to activities for people in adult social care, we understand the challenges and opportunities to make a difference to people’s lives. 

Despite the different physical and sensory profiles, the circumstances of care, a person’s age and their interests, we start with an ambition to meet some essential needs; namely to be happy, to take part in activities that are meaningful, to have fun and to live an exciting life.


Activities re-imagined

So we asked ourselves a simple question. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a highly engaging activity that catered to different physical and sensory profiles for people with learning disabilities? A service that supported staff by giving them an easy to use and engaging activities tool and that offered a structured programme to deliver better care outcomes?

This is what the Happiness Programme has been designed to do, providing physical, cognitive and social stimulation to those with care needs through games they’ll enjoy playing.

Hear Ian's story

“I get really anxious at times. The Happiness Programme has really helped me with lifting my mood – it’s fantastic!”

Ian Troopes, Roman Ridge care home

Life changing activities for children with special educational needs

Technology is transforming the lives of children living with special educational needs and for those with cognitive challenges.

The Happiness Programme harnesses this power by placing a flexible, lightweight and portable projector into the classroom or childcare service.

Included is a range of games aimed at children 4 years+, spanning cognitive, social, and physical movement outcomes.  As a result, the Happiness Programme is supporting children and staff with an engaging, sensory and dynamic range of intuitive activities. 

The Happiness Programme & the ASD community

“We’ve quickly built-up regular visits from all 5 local primary schools who bring their SEN and ASD pupils [to use it] and we’re expanding this all the time with groups and schools from further away”.

Liam Dunne, Library Assistant at Newcastle West library

Values in Care 1

Support for visual impairment and all physical profiles

We understand that no two care locations are ever the same and the people you support will have different needs and requirements to make activities safe, fun and meaningful.

It’s why we’ve developed many of our games to have additional sensory experience, whether that’s the rustling of leaves, the sound of the sea or games dedicated to music and song.

It’s also what led us to developing a light projector that could be projected on to any surface – hence we put 360 in the name.

While many of our games can be played using a prop, feedback was telling us we needed to develop our games and our training for people who couldn’t hold utensils, brushes or other props.

So, we now cover this in the Happiness Programme’s training; from the best games to use for those with limited physical movement to ideas such as projecting on to sheets with hands placed underneath to create movement.

Games for everyone

We’ve taken great care to build a collection of games that meets the diverse set of care needs of those you’re caring for considering the physical, cognitive, social and sensory experiences. We continually work to adopt feedback, develop new games and extend our training to meet the needs of Occupational Therapists and others who use the Happiness Programme for rehabilitation. We repeatedly hear from care staff who are playing football one minute and gazing up at the stars the next! 

Piano Practice

Play on the piano keys to create music together.

Air Hockey

Use your hands or any props to try and be the first to score 5 in a row!

Hot Air Balloon

Watch hot air balloons rise and fall in the sky, controlled by a player's touch.

The Happiness Programme at Buckinghamshire County Council

“We have a service user who is non-verbal and never interacts with people. He engaged so much with the magic table 360. It was lovely to watch. It’s brilliant and truly warrants all the hard work we did trying to get it.

Jo Ludlow, Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council

Case Studies

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