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The UK's best interactive projector

Discover why our magic table 360 is the UK’s best interactive light projector. 

Lightweight and portable

We’ve designed the magic table 360 to easily move between social spaces and rooms as the projector attaches to a stand that has wheels on its base. These can lock into position, making both the stand and projector secure once in its desired position.

Consistently delivering new experiences

We’re regularly releasing new games and seasonal updates, to keep the activities fresh for both those with care needs and their care staff, friends and family.

Plus, you can upload photos, or encourage family members and friends to do so, and personalise the play experience with imagery that matters. Friends, family, pets, locations – whatever the images are, bring them to life with colour and light.

360 degree projection

Pick flowers on a table or score a goal on the floor, play videos on the wall and watch hot air balloons float on the ceiling.

Whatever the care need, and wherever it’s found, you can find a surface on which to bring meaningful activity to those you care for. 

Key Features

Play anytime, anywhere with anyone

Designed, made & supported in the UK

360 degree projection

Move between social spaces and individual rooms

Personalised activities

New games, seasonal updates, new opportunities

Popular games

Piano Practice

Play on the piano keys to create music together.

Air Hockey

Use your hands or any props to try and be the first to score 5 in a row!

Hot Air Balloon

Watch hot air balloons rise and fall in the sky, controlled by a player's touch.

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