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The must have activity for dementia care

Ten years ago this type of activity didn’t exist. Now, it’s used by the leading, innovative care venues across the UK. 

From a background rooted in personal experiences with dementia, we’re now working with some of the biggest dementia care groups like HC-One, Barchester, Bupa, New Care and Order of St John’s Care Trust, as well as some of the biggest day centre services and local authorities in the UK.

Find out why. 

Rehabilitation for stroke and brain injuries

Trusted by NHS and private Occupational Therapists and physios, the Happiness Programme is being used as an interactive and sensory rehabilitation method, getting people to move and engage with lights around them as part of their active recovery.

Meaningful play for people with learning disabilities

Catering to a wide range of physical and sensory profiles, we’re proud to be working alongside FitzRoy and many other specialist care venues to offer meaningful and engaging activities for people with learning disabilities and autism. 

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