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Don’t we all feel better after a laugh and a giggle?

At Social-Ability we’re on a mission to spark more laughter for all, especially those with cognitive challenges and those that are caring for them. We’re driven by personal experience, with our founders and many in our team having family who’ve lived with dementia and other cognitive challenges. It’s why we set up the Happiness Programme. 

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Introducing the Happiness Programme

The Happiness Programme is a first-of-its-kind activities service that blends interactive, sensory light technology with a structured and guided programme of training and support.

The aim is twofold. For those living with cognitive and physical care needs, it’s transformative, offering safe, meaningful and engaging activity. For staff, we equip them with a powerful tool to deliver personalised care, free up time and reduce job-related stress and anxiety.

The activities are based around a growing collection of interactive light games, proven effective for people with cognitive challenges, from painting pictures and brushing leaves to popping bubbles and playing tennis.

The result is the UK’s best magic table projector, providing the very best sensory activities available.

We’re focused on delivering better care outcomes

  • For people living with care needs, through improved well-being
  • For care venues and those working in care, through happier staff and cost savings
  • For friends and family, through more meaningful moments spent together

Reported results from subscribers of the Happiness Programme:

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Improvement in social wellbeing
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Improvement in cognitive wellbeing
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Improvement in physical wellbeing

Powerful tech, accessible to all

Our lightweight, portable projector, and our wide range of games, have been developed through years of experience and having worked with, and learned from, care groups, independent homes, the NHS, libraries and local authorities. 

The result is the UK’s best magic table projector, providing the very best sensory activities available. 

The UK's only interactive activities programme

We’re proud to call our magic table 360 the best available but great technology alone isn’t enough. 

Through a structured and guided programme of training, guidance and support, we have an established and proven track record supporting care homes, local authorities, libraries, hospitals as well as community and day centre services.

3 reasons to join the Happiness Programme today


A super-fast way to turbo charge your existing activities programme, with interactive games proven effective for those with cognitive challenges


Start the programme immediately, with monthly training modules aimed to support better care outcomes and deliver best-in-class activity provision


Support your staff and the well-being of those you care for with transformative 1-2-1, group or family-based activities they’ll love

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