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Sensory experiences for palliative and end of life care

Light and music when it's needed most

We hear from many care staff who tell us that attending to their residents’ needs and making them as comfortable as possible is the aim when someone is being offered palliative care.

Through the power of light and sound, our specially designed sensory games can help bring a sense of calm and relaxation to residents, often when it’s needed most. 

From landscapes and night skies to water scenes and gentle music, the Happiness Programme’s light projector can be moved from room to room and set up in just a few minutes, making it a flexible and easy to use technology for end of life care. 

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Hear Amy's story

“We had a lady on end of life care. Her daughter said she wanted music so we projected the magic table 360 on to her ceiling. She listened to music and watched the sunsets, the hot air balloons and water. It brought her, and her family, real comfort”

Amy Simpson, Ruddington Manor, NewCare Homes

Palliative care case study at Signature

“We had a lovely lady at the end of life, we’ll call her ‘J’. It was a struggle to get her to interact with us. One day, we put the fish game on the ceiling and J’s eyes lit up and she was fixated on the game. Even though we couldn’t get much conversation from her, we could tell she was loving the magic of having fish swimming across her ceiling. It was amazing”.  

“Since that session, we used it with her every time we went in to her. She absolutely loved the fireworks game and it had a really big impact on her”.

The activities team, Rosebery Manor, Signature

What is the Happiness Programme?

The Happiness Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative helping to bring the power of light and sound to those living with cognitive and physical challenges.

The Happiness Programme is increasingly used by care venues for end of life and palliative care, as well as for a variety of other care needs that residential, caring and nursing homes offer, such as dementia and learning disability care. 

End of life care study with Caring Homes

“And then there’s ‘C’.

She’s no longer with us but she used it a lot. We used it as palliative care with her right until the end. When it is end of life the only things that you can do for them is to make them comfortable. We used the sunset, sunrise and hot air balloon games. It was vital relaxation for her when she needed it.”

Activities team at Southlands Place, the Caring Homes group

Sensory games for palliative care

We’ve taken great care to build a collection of games that meet the diverse range of care needs offered by care homes across the UK.

We often hear how care staff are using the projector constantly, moving between scheduled group social sessions in communal spaces to one to one and end of life care as and when needed, often throughout the day, evening and night.

Below are three of the popular games used for palliative care, with dozens more to choose from.  

Piano Practice

Watch as clouds drift across a sunny sky.

Air Hockey

Be transported to a calming watery scene with rippling waves.

Hot Air Balloon

Watch hot air balloons rise and fall in the sky. Perfect for walls and ceilings.

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