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Using YouTube on your Projector

Here you’ll find instructions for using YouTube on your projector, as part of the Happiness Programme.

youtube icon

Overview of Buttons

Search… – lets you search for any video you like using the on-screen keyboard

Most Popular – shows you the most popular videos across YouTube right now (note: not curated/monitored by Social-Ability)

Subscriptions – shows who you’re subscribed to, if you select a particular subscription then you’ll see the most recent videos from them

Playlists – shows your playlists on your account. If you select a particular playlist, you’ll see the videos within it


  1. Before starting, please make sure you have a Google account that you can login to, and make sure that you have a YouTube channel associated with the Google account. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, the playlists and subscriptions features will not work (you’ll still be able to search and view most popular videos.)
  2. Make sure your projector is connected to the internet, or connect your projector to the internet following the guide here
  3. From the main menu (press the Home button), head to Settings > Update and update your projector
  4. From the main menu, now head to Play > All Games > YouTube
  5. Some instructions for logging in will appear, follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. After you’ve logged in and have authorised Social-Ability to view your YouTube account, the instructions will disappear and a menu will appear. You’re now logged in and ready to use YouTube.

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