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Knowl Park House: A Case Study

We spoke with Jenny at Knowl Park House, a dementia day centre, to learn more about how they use the Happiness Programme

Knowl Park House is a dementia day centre, caring for a variety of people living with different stages of dementia. Jenny tells us the care they provide is about giving visitors a good day, having fun and maintaining wellbeing.

They use the projector daily, in one-to-one groups or more, using activities for often 20 minutes but sometimes visitors will use it for up to 60.

Jenny told us how they keep a record of the favourite games, so staff can keep track of what works well for each visitor to the day centre.

She says the variety of games available is great for using with people living with dementia, as what they enjoy can sometimes change daily, so having different options is great.

“We try to see what they’re interested in and give them a variety of what’s available on the projector to find out what they like”.

Favourite games with residents include:

  • Quizzes and Finish that Phrase games for those with early onset dementia
  • Balloon pop, air hockey, colouring and painting for those further advanced
“The painting game is good because it’s also asking them what the picture is of. Like with the animal painting, they guess what the animal is. It gets interaction and talking.”

Jenny tells us they use props like paint brushes and pots of water whilst using the painting game, for a more realistic painting experience and they use a dustpan and brush with the autumn leaves game.

They also play the football game on the floor, and sing-a-longs with the piano game.

“It’s really brought out some characters, people that would normally just sit quietly in the group, they love doing it.”

There’s a group of gentlemen who play with the balloon bursts on the floor, which really encourages friendly competition, which Jenny says is fun to watch. Sometimes, they even step on each others toes. Jenny says you can see the competition and the banter, which is nice to see.

“Staff are saying they’ve really noticed a difference in their happiness. Initially, they’re rated a 5 but after playing with the Projector for a while doing some activities, they’re more smiley, more giggly.”

Not a member of the Happiness Programme?

The Happiness Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative helping to change the lives of people living with cognitive challenges. We use interactive light technology to provide meaningful activities for residents and patients in care homes and care settings. For more detail on what the Happiness Programme is and how it’s helping care venues across the UK, visit our getting started page.

Alternatively, jump to our dementia, learning disability and NHS pages for more specific detail on how it’s helping care homes like Barchester and HC-One as well as hospitals and local authorities such as St George’s Hospital, London and Westminster and South Kensington Council.

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