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Introducing our managing director…

We’re very proud to announce that John Ramsay is joining us as Managing Director of Social-Ability…


A bit about John

John started his professional career at Linklaters in London, working as a corporate lawyer. He quickly threw himself into the fast paced lifestyle that comes with working at a magic circle law firm.

As a teenager John had experienced first-hand the difficulties of having a loved one live with dementia after his father was diagnosed. He dedicated his younger years to helping care for his father until he sadly passed away. This significant experience would prove to be defining.  Later it would go on to be a huge influence in John’s future career path.

John began learning about interactive light technology, and how this could make a huge difference to people living with dementia.  With this in mind, John decided to switch careers and enter the care industry. He gained experience working with the technology in care homes all across the UK. He watched as more and more lives were improved by the use of interactive lights. This only made John’s passion for social change grow, until he finally decided to take the first steps in developing his own company.


On joining Social-Ability

After some time away to focus on his family, John has now returned to the care industry, determined to use his previous experience and passion for supporting those living and working within the care sector.

John shares our vision of making society happier and bringing laughter to people living with cognitive challenges. He also brings a huge amount of energy, positivity and experience to lead our team and help create the social impact we seek to achieve.

In John’s own words:

“Our mission is quite simple – to make the world a happier and more inclusive place. It’s often seen that the loneliest people are the most isolated- not only in terms of geography, but also in terms of social and cognitive engagement. We’re aiming to change that and help people feel happier – by sparking smiles each and everyday.”
“Social-Ability have already achieved a huge amount and I look forward to leading this incredible team to deliver more success in future.”


Not a member of the Happiness Programme?

The Happiness Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative helping to change the lives of people living with cognitive challenges. We use interactive light technology to provide meaningful activities for residents and patients in care homes and care settings.  For more detail on what the Happiness Programme is and how it’s helping care venues across the UK, visit our getting started page.  

Alternatively, jump to our dementialearning disability and NHS pages for more specific detail on how it’s helping care homes like Barchester and HC-One as well as hospitals and local authorities such as St George’s Hospital, London and Westminster and South Kensington Council.  

For anything else, you can contact us here too. 

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