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What are good activities for autism?

There are lots of activities that can be used with people with autism or learning disabilities. One of these activities includes the Happiness Programme, interactive light technology that features over 80 inclusive games and activities that cater to a wide variety of people.

New games to bring a bit of sunshine and happiness to your summer!

Seasonal games are an important part of the Happiness Programme, and adding fresh and exciting games regularly is what keeps things fun and exciting for players, care staff, friends and family. We’re thrilled to announce the release of four new games, just in time for the sunshine (we’re keeping our fingers crossed!), to keep your players entertained this summertime. All summer games are now available, so make sure to update your magic table 360 to get the new additions.


You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this here. 
Now onto the summer games:



our tennis game

Bring the fun and competition of a friendly game of tennis into your Happiness Programme sessions with the addition of our brand new Tennis game. Rack up the scores by moving your hand or props across the surface to move the tennis ball around. You could even serve up some strawberries and cream for a Wimbledon inspired session.



A beautiful sunrise for our summer games release

Say good morning to players with our relaxing and calming Sunrise video. Watch as the morning sun climbs slowly over the hills and listen to the peaceful music as you’re transported by this beautiful landscape. This can be a great feature to use for a therapeutic or sensory based session.


Spot the Ball

a funny football picture for our spot the ball summer games release

Inspired by the classic newspaper game, Spot the Ball is exactly what it says on the tin! Players can guess where they think the football might be in a series of fun footie themed pictures. You can move your hand or props to light up the image and find the hidden ball. Spot the Ball could be a great way to kick off a football themed day.



A beautiful sunset for our summer games release

When all is said and done, wind down with our new relaxing Sunset video. Take a moment to watch the evening sun sink back behind the hills and help your players feel relaxed just in time for evening meals or for bedtime. Try using Sunset as a discussion topic for conversing about the day’s activities to provide some calm reflection at the end of the day.


Plus, more games available for wall and ceiling surfaces

We’re also releasing the wall-oriented versions of some of our existing games, meaning that the games listed below will now project onto your walls using the 180-degree flip button on your remote control.

This means that even more games will now provide versatility for players with restricted mobility. They could also be used to encourage different movement types to get players engaged and interacting during sessions.

The games will also be available as part of a 90-degree playlist. You can access this by using the playlist feature on the magic table 360 menu.

The games featured below will now be available with this feature:

  • Ripples
  • Balloon Pop
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Piggy Bank (£ version)
  • Radios
  • Original Deep Breaths
  • Hot Air Balloons

We also encourage feedback on all the new features, so if you have any thoughts or comments don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact page on our website.

Not a member of the Happiness Programme?

The Happiness Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative helping to change the lives of people living with cognitive challenges. We use interactive light technology to provide meaningful activities for residents and patients in care homes and care settings.  For more detail on what the Happiness Programme is and how it’s helping care venues across the UK, visit our getting started page.

Alternatively, jump to our dementialearning disability and NHS pages for more specific detail on how it’s helping care homes like Barchester and HC-One as well as hospitals and local authorities such as St George’s Hospital, London and Westminster and South Kensington Council.

For anything else, you can contact us here too.

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